What is Plug Into Legacy?..

We sell the products you want and love directly from the manufacturer who make them. All products are 100% authentic and we offer them between 20%-80% below the retail cost.


To learn more about how you can save money keep scrolling to read our process.


If you are already know how our process works and you are ready to shop our inventory online..click the link below.






We can get just about ANYTHING you are looking for and need. ( shoes, purses/bags, air-pods...etc). We have a inventory of our most popular products available for purchase right here on our online store (click on link above)  


If there are specific products/items that you want that you do not see you can reach out to us directly via chat feature with pictures..etc. We will then check to see if your product is available/in stock in your preferred color, size, quantity, etc. From there you will be given the BEST price, If you would like to purchase your item we will then send a invoice to you via email. 





In most cases ,we don't just keep products on hand..meaning we don't have a inventory of products for direct/immediate pickup or waiting to be shipped directly from us.

Unless otherwise stated, your order will be shipped within 7-12 business days from ordering after your payment is received.  We will provide tracking logistics once it is available for you to follow your order.

**In the event of any delays with shipping it will be communicated to you**



Our products offered are authentic quality.

Some, but not all of our products are considered Unauthorized authentic.

What is Unauthorized Authentic?  

Unauthorized authentic, otherwise known as "UA", are shoes and some other products that are produced in the exact same factories (using the same exact materials) as the authentic product when they were commissioned by manufacturers and companies, but not authorized to be officially sold to the public by way of retail. Even though unauthorized authentic's are produced by the same commissioned factories, by the same employees, with the same original materials... these items are not officially authorized or quality checked by the company or manufacturer. These can also simply just be considered as  extra leftovers that were produced past the company's contract quota and therefore did not pass the required quality check.

Therefore, You are receiving a significant discount on products by purchasing them with us....

We stand by our products/items offered and we know you wont be disappointed with anything...we will answer any of your questions..but we have to say this, we are not Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Nike,  or any of your favorite stores/brands...If you are going to be a "difficult customer" please do business else where and pay their prices.

We understand that this is not for everyone! We are here to SAVE you money while giving you the products you want and need.  WE WOULD NOT SELL OR OFFER YOU ANYTHING THAT REFLECTS OUR BUSINESS NEGATIVE , Because we want you to come back and refer your family and friends.


If you have ANY questions or concerns please feel free to ASK! We will be 100% honest with you. If we do not respond immediately, we will get back to you within 24 hours. We won't leave you hanging when it comes to receiving your products. We will always keep communication professional, and we ask for the same in return. 


If you've done business with us before and you had a great experience...spread the word to your friends and family.


Thank you again, we know you're going to love your products as well as saving money!

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