Flyy Legacy Fashion Concierge Service specializes in personal shopping. We take pride in locating hard-to find authentic, shoes and other luxury items for our clients.  If you want it, let us find it for you. We save our clients time and effort and even money along the way.

Whether it's classic, brand new, limited edition or simply impossible for you to find, that really is our thing. We are your Fashion Concierge Service!!!


Looking for something specific? Personal shopping in 3 simple steps...

1. Tell us what you need.


Have a photo of the item you've been looking for? Just send it over to our team, you can hit the contact us button below, email us or send it to us on instagram DM (@flyylegacy)- our dedicated team which specializes in sourcing authentic, rare, luxury pieces will help you get your hands on your item!


The more information you can provide the better! Please send along any information you may have- photos, links, desired color, size, etc.

2. Let us shop for you.


Once your request is received, We start working to source your item.. Basically we shop for you and find your requested item(s). Please remember that we specialize in high-demand items, and given the time sensitivity of requests, our team works on a first come, first served basis. Don't worry- we will communicate with you if there are any delays.

3. Submit your payment

We tap into our countless resources and work through various channels to locate your item at the best available price. These prices and additional discounts may vary depending on the source of the item and current demand.


Once your order is communicated and confirmed, you will receive an information to submit payment or depending on the item you may purchase right here on our online store. Once you have purchased your item, it will be fulfilled and shipped directly to you.




I was referred by my friend to check you out. I was looking for a purse. I could not find it and I had to have it. I received my purse in the mail 7 days later ..I absolutely  love it.. I also loved the price and the wonderful experience.



All in all, the speed of transaction, secure payment options, good quality products, and the phenomenal customer  service makes me comfortable with shopping with you.


New Orleans,LA

Top Tier Service!!! Needless to say, the  customer service exceeded my expectations. The Support on tracking and receiving was thorough and timely and all of my issues were addressed with a single interaction. I would highly recommend.



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Flyy Legacy Fashion Concierge Service was born from wanting to solve my own problem. I always wanted the latest fashion trends. Majority of the time I either didn't have the time or the money to secure the item. The items I wanted were always really expensive, sold out online or just impossible to get my hands on them.

I was then on a mission to help myself and others in my situation. I knew it was a way celebrities and individuals like myself could obtain hard to get items easily through concierge and personal shopping services.  

My vision and dream has now become reality, running a successful fashion concierge service delivering authentic  luxury and most wanted items to our clients all over the country. From the most exclusive shoes, bags , new releases , impossible to find items,.. the possibilities are now endless!

So what are you waiting on?  Let us start shopping for you.

BJ Pierce, Founder/CEO of Flyy Legacy Fashion Concierge Service

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